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Default Re: pittsburgh history(you guys weren't always great)

Originally Posted by hardwork
Hang in there Bengals fan, you're dead on. These Steeler people think their the cats a__ just because they won for a few years 30 years ago. They have been telling me how bad the Patriots have been over the years ever since I got in here. The Steelers were no better most of the time.

Further more, it aint that hard to keep a team going when you can pay your players any amount you want. They couldn't have kept that team together the way it is now. But the Steelers will be living on past glories for the rest of their teams history. Twenty years fron now the only thing they'll have to talk about was those great teams in the 70s. Where as we'll be talking about how the Patriots won 6 of the first 10 super bowls in the 21st century.
Now you knoe the patriots are going to start falling apart, they have lost so much over the off season, and every "dynasty" (i hate calling them that) falls apart.
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