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Thumbs up Re: Remember the 1980's

I was a little kid in the 1980's, yet still a Steeler fans.

I remeber late in the 80's seeing that sucky QB, Brister. I remember the Browns-Steelers games, since I lived half-way between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, in New Castle. Those games brought the dogs out in full force. Browns fans annoyed me greatly. (Still do!)

Maybe it was good that I did not watch games since I was a kid. I do remember following the Steelers close in 1991, which was Chuck Knoll's last team and season. To bad free agency discouraged him from continueing on a few more years. I have a team photo pf the last Chuck Knoll team. I should put that up on my Steelers wall. Better yet, I should make a copy and post that up and vaccum seal the original.

Food for thought...

Bradshaw >> Good Days
Brister >> Bad Days
O'Donnell >> Good Days (sort of)
Stewart >> Bad Days
Rothlesberger >> Good Days (so far)

Of course there have been numerous QB's of all statures filling in the holes. Go ahead and shoot me for being a Maddox fan. I've cheered for him since he won the XFL championship for the LA Extreme. Maddox will help make Rothlesberger a legend. Big Ben, beware that we Steelers fans are rough on our QB's! If your not a legend, you'll be boo'ed out of the burgh. I'm way off subject so I'll shut up for now.

Steelers Football: Simply the Best!
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