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Default Re: Week 1 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by CTFan View Post
I think you guys got ambushed today and I don't expect the next meeting to play out in such a lopsided fashion. However, the Ravens made major changes in the off season, all of which were done with the Steelers in mind. Your team, OTOH, kept a pat hand and gave out some huge contracts that will have long term consequences. In a way, it's understandable, you have to reward those guys who have done so much, but it's a meter that's going to keep running for a while.

As I see it, the Steelers had a horrible game, the Ravens had a great game, but now the genie is out of the bottle and you'll have a hard time getting it back in.
The Ravens won a regular season game today. It was equivalent to their SB, a statement game. I see a lot of panic, I see the Steelers had a crappy game. It won't happen all season, I have no reason to panic, I have no reason to think the Steelers won't win the division, and the genie that you speak of has to stay healthy and play like today if they're gonna get past the Steelers in the post season. It's a long season, the Ravens just won their SB, congrats, but they only won a regular season game, let's not act like it was the AFCCG. You bet the same thing won't happen here in November friend.
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