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Default Re: God Bless America, We Will NOT Hear The End Of It!!! Re: Bobby Jr.

Originally Posted by bobby jr View Post
Well I'm not one to gloat but let's face it this game was not a typical Ravens-Steelers game. This was a statement game, a message game. The Ravens didn't want to just beat the Steelers, they wanted to humiliate them. Because of their history. ANd they did.

The past Ravens frustrations, all those close playoff losses, Ben always beating Flacco..... that appears to be history now.

The Ravens rebuilt the team in the off season, Tomlin had reason to worry about all those Ravens changes. Getting rid of fan favorites like Heap and Mason was painful but necessary. The Ravens have become younger, quicker. The Steelers looked like an old team out there today.

Many of the changes the Ravens made were for the specific purpose of matching up better with the Steelers and being able to beat their rivals. I feel like a weight is lifted off the Ravens shoulders and the shoulders of all Ravens fans.

The era of the Steelers domination of this division is likely over. The era of Ben dominating Flacco is over. Flacco looked far the superior QB today.

The Ravens sent a message to all the NFL today.
There is a new team to beat.
Whoa. Take it easy there. Talk of the Steelers demise happened after Super Bowl 40 ... then after Super Bowl 43 ...

If you are a student of history, you should learn to not declare "eras" based on one win ... even one season...

As a Steeler fan, I know that we can be sooooo good at the beginning of the year and then end in a wimper (2009) and be so crappy and end with a bang (2005).

Ravens played well today. We'll see you again, later.
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