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Default Re: pittsburgh history(you guys weren't always great)

Originally Posted by LambertIsGod58
Every time one of you Cinci fans are asked what it is your organization has achieved, you don't have anything to say. You got your asses crushed by SF in one of the worst SB losses in history. If you are gonna bash another organization you should be sure that it's one not better than your own. And just for the record, if all of our glory was 30yrs ago, you are choosing to forget several AFC Championship games and a SB since 1995. It's obvious you have nothing to celebrate in the Bengals entire miserable exitence so now you need to try and bash the Steelers. It has become obvious that your threads are nothing more than a defense mechanism. Face it, your franchise will forever suffer in mediocrity. It's a fact.......
I don't recall bashing the steelers all I said was Ben didn't do it himself, and you just keep living in your past and sb since 95 bc it won't happen again.
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