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Default Re: Run Def wasnt that bad

when your own "O" hands your own "D" 7 Turnovers, + the obvious fact that the "D" has been basically on field 80% of the time, and getting tired, then what the heck did u expect from any Defense ?!
The Defense was not good, but read above line again,. and tell me just how much better could they possibly try to be.
Run Def was as good as it was gonna get, under those circumstances.

all I know is 7 -Turnovers is ridiculous, and the Steelers should embarassingly burn that fact tonite into their memory banks, especially Ben.
Ben's post-game comments sounded feebly childish, with silly little excuses, no kudos there.
Hey Ben, just admit it, they killed you, fair n' square. just move on.
Well, we'll all see soon, regular season has just started.

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