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Default Re: Week 1 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by Baltimore Ravens Fan View Post
You're generalizing a lot of Baltimore Ravens fans for a slim amount that blame the game on penalties, call the Steelers cheaters, etc. You didn't answer my question, and who knows what Oher said. You can't speak without it being trash talking now? What if Oher was saying "Good game Ike. You came to play, but the rest of your team didn't."? YOU do not know, but you're making assumptions.
Oh I' m so bored with this and have to get off this. I did answer your question. It's not the answer you wanted. I can pretty safely assume Michael Oher didn't say "gee whiz, good game, better luck next time." LOL. And for the record, Harbaugh is one of the most classeless POSs I've ever witnessed, and I have witnessed John Madden during the 70s as well as Bum Phillips and Buddy Ryan and I have never witnessed a coach who can not give his #1 rival due when they deserve it. All he does is make excuse after excuse and that trickles down to his players. Dude, as much as I love this rivalry, I can't stand your team, organization, coach or fan base. I have never had a positive experience in Baltimore or with any of their fans. You came on this board, asked a question, we viewed the video, told you what you saw and you're not happy. Sorry, but it is what it is, take it or leave it.
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