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Default Re: Week 1 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by SteeleReign View Post
Can't argue with this. The Steelers rely on pass rush to create quick decisions by the opposing QB. The DBs are just supposed to keep the play in front of them. So, the FO tends to focus on LBs and DL.

Honestly, the most glaring issue I saw in this game was absolutely no pressure on Flacco. That's what kills us against Brady. He gets the ball out so quickly that we can't get to him. Couple that with our DBs playing 10-15 yards off the WRs and Brady will dink & dunk us all the way down the field.
Well, to be honest. I think our offensive line is ACTUALLY revamped, it's not just some fluke, by getting big-name free agents and stuff. Bryant McKinnie really seems to be inspired to work harder and it might have to do with Ed Reed being his former teammate at the University of Miami. Who knows though, but I doubt we'll give up 40 sacks again this season.
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