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Default Re: Run Def wasnt that bad

I don't think the D looked old, it looked out of shape!! Lets face it, all this nonsense about "time-off" helping the older guys is BS. Yes our D averages right at 31 years old, but what I saw yesterday comes from no off season training and very little game playing time during the pre-season, not being old and slow. I knew this shit was going to happen! When you are a younger D you can jump back in the saddle a bit quicker. This D is going to be fine........ once it gets into game shape!!! I'm just glad we are facing Seattle and a sucky Indy team on this 7 game run leading up to the Pats. The Texans may well lay a whoopin' on us as well if we can't keep our D off the field like in this game. If we take this one game at a time, AND PLAY SMART Steelers football, I think we very well could be 5 - 2 going into the Pats/Ravens back to back games. If not 4 - 3 or 3 - 4 is a very real possibility. Just my 2 centavos!!! Nov 6th will be a MUCH different story... book it!!
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