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Default Re: Leguarsky is not a starting offensive guard on a good team

Originally Posted by theplatypus View Post
Do you go out of your way to be an ass or does it just come naturally? Since you can't seem to grasp the concept let me spell it out for you. I've never said or implied that the coaches don't,can't, or won't make bad decisions or that they're infallible. The only thing I've ever said is that the coaches and front office are better at evaluating talent than you are. I know that in your little world you think you're the end all be all of football knowledge, but you aren't. The people that spend 8-12 hours a day with the players have a far better grasp of what's going on during practice and games than anything you see playing mr armchair quarterback. Now it's time for the little boy that is danrooney to throw another temper tantrum and smash a dining room table.
Obvious mistakes are obvious. Paying too much for our older group that cant produce and refusing to bring in any linesmen or Dbacks with said saved money really hurt. Aaron Smith and Foote really need to make less among the other obvious.
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