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Default Re: Ravens' Fake Extra Point

Originally Posted by Bill Cowher's Jaw View Post
Rubbing it in or just a good job of taking what the defense gives you? Personally I thought it was dumb. They could have saved that play and had it in their back pocket for the next match-up in case they actually needed it.

I was thinking....

"What a terrible move. You're risking 1 point to wake this team up and piss them off by humiliating them????"

Unfortunately.... slapping their mothers in the face and spitting on them wouldnt have woke them up, either. They were absolutely lifeless. They played like they just got fat contracts and didnt have to work at all.

I didnt hear Woodleys name until his sack at which point the fate of the game was sealed. I didnt hear or see Polamalu until I saw him help make a tackle in the secondary later in the game. You could have told me our defensive stars were all hurt and not playing and I would have believed it.
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