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Default Re: God Bless America, We Will NOT Hear The End Of It!!! Re: Bobby Jr.

Originally Posted by jjpro11 View Post
it looked a lot to me like one team was salivating all off-season for this game; while the other team treated it like it was a win in the bag before it started and got caught with their pants down, unprepared and flat out ****y.

i'd ease up on the changing of the guard talk as if all of a sudden the Steelers are now the Ravens' whipping boys. it was one game, give me a break.
Yeah, THAT!!

Harbaugh had that look on his face during the game like Will Ferrell in Kicking and Screaming after about 3 double shots of espresso!! I halfway expected him to show up on the sidelines wearing purple silk running suit with the big tiger on the back!! You know that playoff loss just chewed on that psychotic prick for the entire off season. Throw in a healthy dose of bulletin board fodder from our boys along with a very businesslike approach to this game from the Steelers (HUGE MISTAKE) and we came into this game with a huge uphill battle on our hands. I saw this game coming from a mile away! I still hold to my belief that we will go 11 - 5 and make it as a wildcard, barring any catastrophic injuries. From there, it's a whole new season!!!
The Nov 6th game will NOT be a repeat... BOOK IT!!
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