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Default Re: Farrior finds himself sidelined in favor of Foote

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Kind of sums up my feelings on this...


Farrior done wrong?

September 11th, 2011

BALTIMORE — Mike Tomlin is widely considered one of the better player’s coaches in the NFL.

Tomlin has a reputation of relating to his players in a fashion to get them to play hard because of his honesty, straight-forwardness and his no-nonsense approach — all attributes that players love.

Saying that, Tomlin is doing wrong with the most influential player on the Steelers’ defense.

Tomlin made the decision to remove veteran linebacker James Farrior for the final two series of the first half of Sunday’s 35-7 loss to the Ravens because what he said afterwards was because “we had made a commitment to play Larry Foote some.”


At any other position, I’d buy that as a logical reason. At cornerback, I’d buy that reason.

But when you are talking about the unquestioned leader of your defense; the eight-time defensive captain; and the all-around most-respected person on the Steelers’ roster, it’s hogwash.

Farrior deserves better.

“I’m healthy and everything is fine,” disappointed Farrior said afterward.

But obviously everything isn’t fine … or should I say won’t be fine.

For Tomlin to make a drastic decision to remove Farrior for series at a time, there’s a problem, and that problem may get worse before it gets better.

Foote has no way surpassed Farrior in quality of play on the field. Off the field, Farrior is invaluable.

Just think, a guy like Farrior is replaced because of his decline while William Gay and Bryant McFadden remain on the field.

I’d be shaking my head if I was Farrior.

The Steelers were trailing just 14-7 at the time of Farrior’s removal in the second quarter, and the Ravens quickly went on an 11-play drive that resulted in a touchdown. Foote missed a tackle and covered the wrong guy on a play, but that’s beside the point.

Well, maybe that is the point. Foote is a backup for a reason.

More here...
Hmmm...this sounds troubling. Tomlin may be out-thinking himself here. Then again, maybe it's time to find a capable replacement up the middle.
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