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Default Re: Ravens' Fake Extra Point

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
I understood the point of them doing it...especially after how the playoff game last year turned out, and middle finger and all that...but I think I would have been a little pissed if the situation had been reversed, and the Steelers pulled a move like that with that big of a lead (that early in the season). That's the kind of stuff you do when games are close, and division or playoff titles are on the line.

I get they were sending a message and all, but now every other team they play will be able to prepare for a situation like that in a much closer game, when they play them.
Is it a message if nobody is listening??

New England sent us a message 10 years ago that we received loud and clear sending us into the fetal position every single time we play them.

Harbaugh is no Bill Belichick, he's more like a punk whose girlfriend ran off and got nailed at the HS prom by the star football player, then junk punched the star player a few months later when nobody cares.

Emotion and vengeance can carry you for a few games, but you still have to play 19 - 20 games to win a SB... and Baltimore, Harbaugh in particular, does not have what it takes to bring the trophy home!!

just sayin'
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