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Default Re: Steelers not really upset about Superbowl loss?

thank you - I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling like they are getting a little full of themselves - this is two years in a row where we have had a game where they flat out just didn't show up - Last year at Patriots and now this game (oh yea, and I won't mention the game at Cleveland that ruined our playoff chances a few seasons ago)

I'm starting to think there is a pattern going on here - so yea they are big and bad because they go 12-4 and beat up on the pathetic teams? When was the last time this team really showed up and instilled fear into and dominated a powerhouse team? We no longer have an effect on teams the way we used to and some of our core guys are losing their edge. I don't want to hear about age or any of that crap - that Patriots team that almost went undefeated was pretty darn old so I don't want to hear it. It is starting to look like they don't want it as badly any more when the truth of the matter is they have a lot to prove to themselves and each other as teammates.

Hate to say it - but this game concerns me and should concern a lot of people. Yea, they beat us last year the 1st time, but we almost beat them with Charlie Batch - yesterday was an official beat down of epic proportions. 2 losses in a row, 2 where this group has stunk it up in all phases - hope the big paycheck isn't softening up their determination. Someone show me something, prove to me where they are still hungry (and that doesn't include coming back against Baltimore in the playoffs and beating the hell out of the overrated Jets in the AFC championship game) pick an instance recently where we absolutely made a statement about who we are as a team . . .up for interpretation but come on - we aren't dominating anymore plain and simple

We lose to the Seahawks and I better start seein some veteran butts on the bench behind guys that want it more
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