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Default Re: The sky is not falling...

Originally Posted by Steelerfreak58 View Post
contrary to popular belief and media sensationalism the sky is not falling. We came out flat and got beat by a great team that gears up for us every time. Its only one game folks there is a lot of football left to be played.
I agree.

Here's some good perspective from Smizik ...

One game is not a season

What happened in Baltimore yesterday reminded me of what happened 10 years ago at another Steelers opener.

It was Sept. 9, 2001. Around 8 p.m. that night, as we packed our work gear and left Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, I said something like this my Post-Gazette colleagues:

``I can’t believe we’re going to have to sit through 15 more weeks of this garbage.‘’

That comment was made as a result of a 21-3 loss the Steelers had just taken from the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was an absolutely awful performance and gave the Steelers a 22-27 record since the start of the 1998 season.

Bleak doesn’t begin to describe what the Steelers future appeared to be.

And then they won 13 of their next 15 games.

This is not to suggest there are any guarantees the Steelers will come back from their humiliation at Baltimore yesterday in a manner similar to what the 2001 team did.

But it really could happen.

One game does not make a season.

Yes, the Steelers looked awful. Yes, there is reason to doubt their defense after such an abysmal performance. But let's not cancel the season tomorrow. And let's remember this defense was No. 2 in the league last season, No. 1 against the run. It might be a bit elderly but that does not doom the season.

The Steelers have a lightweight schedule this season. There will be ample opportunity for them to right themselves and become a playoff contender and possibly a Super Bowl team. Stranger things have happened.

It was an immensely disappointing performance. Any fan has a right to concerned about the prospects of the team. But this was week one. There are 15 weeks to go.

Relax and see how the season goes. It happened for the best in 2001. It can happen again in 2011.
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