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Default Re: Scuffles with Ravens may cost Taylor and Polamalu

Roger Godell seems to just play political patsy to whatever blows his way (and I do mean monetary), I can't stand that meely-tight-lipped little NFL commisioner.
the NFL needs another Tagliaboo. Roger is just a figure-headed puppet Commisioner, The health and safety of ALL players is important, but this is one sport, as well as Hockey, that demand's the most physically and emotionally out of ALL it's players.
It's not Syncronized Swimming Roger !, it is afterall FOOTBALL< or have you never played it yourself. ?

On Troy's worst day he could not be mean. -and even then, Troy honestly, and publically admits he gotta a little emotional.
What more does Roger G. want to hear ?
Naaaa, I'll tell you all for the last,time, Harrison called Roger out of the closet, but Godell can't seem to rise above it. He holds comtempt (for the Steelers) for something he really doesn't even understand.

So can we finally get a "REAL" NFL commisioner, err' whatever ?

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