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Default Re: Steelers not really upset about Superbowl loss?

Originally Posted by Hayeksheroes View Post
The Steelers played like an AFC bottom dweller. I won't name names. But all I heard off season was about how the Steelers were chomping at the bit to avenge their Superbowl loss. Looks like other teams wanted revenge on the Steelers. I have no doubt that John Harbaugh, the jack ass coach, has been scheming all summer to get back at the Steelers, like some maniac in an insane asylum. Well, his season's made. May the ravens will go 6-9 down the stretch.

The most worrisome aspect of the loss is that the Ravens and back then, the Packers, have shown the rest of teams the blue print on how to beat the Steelers. The frightening thing is that Tomlin and Arians have not really taken notice. They thought they could trot out their AFC Championship team and everyone would just wilt. Sorry this is the NFL. As good as the Steelers looked in preseason, it was only preseason.

I do have hope that Tomlin and LeBeau can make the adjustments to win. Arians is a lost cause. If this offensive coordinator refused to take advantage of a depleted Packer's secondary, what hope do we have that he is going to change? I would hope that Arians might take a page out of Harbaugh's game plan and make the aging Ray Lewis run around chasing Mendenhall's shadow. But I'm sure that will never happen. We'll have more horizontal passes out to the flat for 3 yard gains.

LeBeau is a brilliant strategist. His strategy is only as good as his players’ athleticism. What I mean by that is that if LeBeau thinks Timmons or Woodley can cover Rice in flat or short zone, he expects them too. They could not even cover his shadow. As a result, if the players can execute, LeBeau's strategy will fail no matter how good it is.

Secondly, the Steelers need help in the secondary. It's not just the mediocre performance of Gay. It's McFadden as well. There appears no once else willing or allowed to step up and replace these guys. LeBeau is reluctant to play a rookie because his schemes are so complicated that it takes a year or more to learn. But the Steelers need help. I don’t mind a rookie cb giving up a big play or two to inexperience if he can reduce third down conversion to 30% or less. Perhaps LeBeau should start to rely more on athleticism than knowledge or else the Steelers will be chasing many shadows into the endzone.

Where is Polamalu? This is the second game in a row where he has been a non factor. Polamalu was hurt in the Superbowl, so I will give him a pass. But he is healthy now and was taken out of the game plan. Apparently, Arians wasn't sharp enough to take Ed Reed out. It costs the Steelers two interceptions.

The Steelers have gone far with a clapboard offensive line. The end may be near. Left tackle is the most obvious spot. Scott was totally dominated and looked the part. The Steelers need to get Marcus Gilbert in there quick or sign a vet to replace this bum. It's not enough just to show up but you got to play or else we will be seeing Batch and probably Dixon.

Where was the pass rush? Where were the turnovers? The linebackers were ineffective and slow. I expected more from Woodley, less so from Harrison due to his back surgeries. Something needs to be done. Flacco had too much time and every stunt was picked up. Were the Raven's reading something?

Harbaugh's fatal flaw. Harbaugh revealed all his cards. Just to show you how big of an Ass Harbaugh was, he went for it on 4th and 1 instead of going for the field goal that would have put the Ravens up by 4 scores. Harbaugh was trying to run up the score. He wanted it 50 to 7. So what? To stroke his oversized ego. Would such a shellacking have made a difference to last year’s AFC divisional playoff? No. This is why Harbaugh won’t win the big games. A wise coach would have backed off the gas after going up 29-7 and gone vanilla. I've shown you my tricks, but I've got plenty more for our next meeting. Harbaugh never backed off. I'm hoping that comes back to haunt him in the next meeting and perhaps in the playoffs. The Steelers will not get burned again.

What now for the Steelers? They really have to decide what team they want to be. Something has to shake them out of their stupor. Max Starks, and Dwyer are two players that showed up fat and out of shape and it really characterizes this team. They are going through the motions, picking up fat checks and hoping their dog and pony show will get them through each Sunday. Sorry, it won't. They are going to have to decide if they want to be champions or chumps. We will see how they respond next week against Seattle.
I really didn't get that at all.
We lost the SB to GB becuae of 3 Turnovers -thats it -nuthin more to see here.
The Steelers knew it, GB knew it,...., ok Harrison got alittle pissed off with Ben and Mendenhall for the loss, off-season, but HEY, you gotta be cruel to be kind, especially with Harrison.
so are the Steelers' "...not really upset about Superbowl loss?" yes and know, but thats been covered already. Harrison was obviously more upset than anybody else, fer whatever his reasons.
So anyway, on to today, where 7 Turnovers was the reason we LOST to the Ravens.
That's what I am more worried about than an SB that's over now.
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