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Default Re: Steelers not really upset about Superbowl loss?

Although I disagree that the players are thinking too highly of themselves, you can't help but wonder after yesterday's game. There was absolutely no hustle, for the most part, these are the same 11 guys on defense that have been playing Baltimore for a while, they new what type of game it would be. Doesn't matter what Harbaugh schemes up, that's no excuse for how they were ridiculously slow and always in the wrong spot as if they weren't paying attention. I think you should try not to have a previous loss from a previous season on your mind much, SB loss or not, but you would think that they would have at least been fired up enough between the SB loss and opening up against the Ravens. Hard to say, I just don't see our players thinking to highly of themselves and I definetly don't now. BUT, Tomlin and LeBeau clearly do. I rarely throw criticism at LeBeau but come on, you can only blame the lack of coverage on the players to a point. Sure McFadden and Gay suck, but the fact that almost any team lately can come out, use 2 TE formations and spread the field and either beat us or nearly beat us is ridiculous. Brady has been doing it for a while, now other teams are doing it. Even though he has seen this going on, for a while against Brady, and quite a few games now against other teams, he refuses to do anything different. Just keeps us in the same 3-4 running similar plays. It's almost as if he is in denial about it. No matter what he comes up with, it won't make up for the fact that Gay and McFadden can't cover anybody, but at least find a way to eliminate being burnt by TE's when you have the LB corp like we do and Troy P. Tomlin won't change anything either, and it's even worse with him. I garuantee you that Hood and Heyward were dying to get in and make a difference yesterday, but he didn't even rotate them in, think I saw Heyward on 2 or 3 plays. He refuses to do anything about the corners, Ike played really well, put in Brown or Lewis for McFadden, it can't get any worse. Don't just stand there for a whole season and then the beginning of another and let a player do so much damage to your team. With all the corners we have we still put Gay in at nickel, even though common fans without coaching/playing experience are calling for him to be benched. On top of it all, he does nothing with his coaching staff, he just sits there and lets Arians ruin the offense, even though every Steeler fan in the world is saying Arians has to go, he clearly doesn't say anything to LeBeau about changing up the 3-4 sometimes. It's ridiculous. All that said I like Tomlin as a coach overall, but he's not stupid, he see's these things, he's just to stubborn to take even slight action to fix them. I don't get it!
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