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Default Re: Scuffles with Ravens may cost Taylor and Polamalu

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
im sure a $15k fine doesn't mean squat to 2 players who just signed at least 20 million dollar contracts
It's still screwed up though. I don't know if Taylor was provoked or not, if he was then no big deal, if he wasn't then that's pretty stupid of him. But with Troy, they started that, and it's not like he had his helmet off throwing blows. I didn't see the part with Ike so I won't comment, but if Polamalu gets fined or suspended or anything, that's absolute BS.

On a side note, during the fight with Troy, was one of the refs knocked out cold? You couldn't really see his face cause players were in the way, but all I saw was him laying there not moving even the slightest bit. Was wondering if he was actually knocked out? I will say this, the refs did a decent job. Of course they acted like they didn't see Harrison being held 6-10 OBVIOUS times, but I honestly think that they are not allowed to call a holding in Harrison's favor. They didn't really make any bad calls though and they kept there cool during all the "fights", even though one of them clearly got hurt.
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