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Default Re: Scuffles with Ravens may cost Taylor and Polamalu

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
im sure a $15k fine doesn't mean squat to 2 players who just signed at least 20 million dollar contracts
This is the common reaction from among those that like to "eat the rich", but if you do the math and divide their salaries out over the span of the terms of their contract, $15k is still a LOT of money.

Would be like you or I having to fork over a month's worth of salary for a minor infraction at work. I know I would not be too happy.

Where would you or I be without any salary for a month? Digging into savings pretty heavily and maybe not being able to pay rent/mortgage that month....

The players make more money, but they have correspondingly larger lifestyles to match.

Saying $15k should be nothing to any of these guys, would be like illegal aliens saying that an extra $27 billion in expenses should be nothing for a country that has a $2 trillion a year GDP....neither is accurate.
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