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Default Re: Steelers not really upset about Superbowl loss?

Originally Posted by Hayeksheroes View Post
...Harbaugh's fatal flaw. Harbaugh revealed all his cards. Just to show you how big of an Ass Harbaugh was, he went for it on 4th and 1 instead of going for the field goal that would have put the Ravens up by 4 scores. Harbaugh was trying to run up the score. He wanted it 50 to 7. So what? To stroke his oversized ego. Would such a shellacking have made a difference to last year’s AFC divisional playoff? No. This is why Harbaugh won’t win the big games. A wise coach would have backed off the gas after going up 29-7 and gone vanilla. I've shown you my tricks, but I've got plenty more for our next meeting. Harbaugh never backed off. I'm hoping that comes back to haunt him in the next meeting and perhaps in the playoffs. The Steelers will not get burned again.

Pretty good rant overall, but if you think Harbaugh showed all his cards, or tried to run up the score, you're being foolish.

I will say that playing the Steelers in game one was an advantage for the Ravens. They had the entire pre-season to prepare and had a singular focus. In defense of the Steelers, they were playing a team that they've pretty much owned. Psychological advantage was definately ours. We don't expect the same advantage next time, but we did gain in knowing we can beat you guys at almost every position.

The Ravens made big changes this year, while your team stood pat while doling out huge contracts to reward key players for past perrromance. It was the right thing to do, but you're going to pay for it for a year or two.

Your offense wasn't bad if you take away the TO's, several of which occured in the red zone. The next game could be tight, but the Ravens have now let the genie out of the bottle, so tight may not be to your advantage anymore.
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