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Default Re: When's the last time Ben had a great game ?

I posted in prior threads that I hate seeing the damned musical chairs they play with the line. Scott missed half the preseason games, Kemo too, Pouncy too, Legursky wasn't put in the 1st string until the 3rd game, was Colon in with the 1st stringers in every preseason game? So now they will have to do something with RT. It's not impossible for this line to start to gel in a few games, but they definitely need to play together and not have a constant rotation of men.

Marcia Brady threw for over 500 yards last night ... because she not only had 4-5 seconds to throw ... she has hours to sit in that pocket ... that chick was having a beer and sandwich in the backfield and even had time to find change for a tip in her big purse she carries with her.

Ben missed a huge opportunity on a blitz when he threw a hot route pass at Brown's feet. It appeared that Brown would have had a lot of open space in front of him had that pass been on the mark. But for the most part, Ben didn't have time to get set.

I'm still stunned on that Mendy fumble. Very much reminded me of his fumble in the SB. Johnson ran right past the d-tackle that made the hit just like he ran past Matthews in the SB. As a lead blocker, your taught to plow into the first defender you come across. He seems to miss those and that makes me miss a true FB (like Kreider ... aahh, the good old days).
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