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Default Re: mendenhall only in for 20 of 61 snaps

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
Not sure what you're complaining about. Prior to Sunday the Steelers coaching staff made all of the right decisions and only you and Bruce Arians were right.
STFU assclown. youre a proven football imbecile who adds nothing to this conversation or the board in general.

plus you think that mental midget, thad gibson, is a world beater. you and him relate on so many levels.

participation charts and personell groupings are WAY too deep for you.

you might wanna move on to a captain obvious conversation that is more in your league like-

"the defense is old"
"hines ward is old"
"dan rooney is old"
"the dust in my grandmas drawers is old"
"danrooney's posts are old [and tired]"
"roger goodell sux"

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