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Default Re: Hurry up SUNDAY!!!

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
I thought everyone who hasn't read it yet might enjoy this bright spot in what otherwise has been indeed a gloomy 3 or 4 days.

Pouncey's endorsement of Gilbert made me feel a little better but as we all know the proof is in the pudding. If these two guys can have some chemistry, maybe Gilbert can shape himself to be another leading voice on the offensive line.

As far as Sunday's game v. the Seachickens - I'll only feel a little satisfied if we win, if nothing else it will get some of the bad taste out of my mouth. I'd love to see the Ravens slip up this week after such an emotional high against us.

Here's hoping! (And yea - is that Houston game looming large for anyone else? Got an uneasy feeling about that game. Ah, we'll see...)
Houston is one of those teams that can scorch you at anytime. On the other hand, they can also play a terrible game much like we did Sunday. Id say at this point, we had better be ready to play them or we may be in for a long day against them as well!!!
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