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Default Re: Hurry up SUNDAY!!!

Look out because it might be another one of those "UNLEASH HELL" kinda things... just saying.

I think the Seahawks are in for some serious pain but then again all they have to do is take notes from the Patriots they have a proven method of how to beat the Steelers. Green Bay did it , Baltimore took notes it seems as well and it worked pretty well for them.

Our defense is now in football terms just flat out old. In your mid-thirties you don't heal as fast, you are not as physically as fast as you were in your twenties, and it takes twice as long to recover from everything. Most of those guys would never want to admit it but I noticed it when I hit my mid thirties your ego never wants to admit it though.

Those guys on that field are competitors its all they have ever known and they have all pretty much been the elite of the elite. Its hard to realize or admit you have lost a step. I really hope I am wrong but I don't think I am. I want to be though.
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