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Default Re: Leguarsky is not a starting offensive guard on a good team

Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
This league has done a complete flip since the Roger Goodell era started. You no longer need a great defense to win. As a matter of fact, you dont even need a good one. All you need is an accurate QB and some decent weapons around him .The NFL is officially FAL now, not the NFL to me. The Fantasy Arena League. Patriots D sucked so bad last night that Chad henne looked like Marino out there. GB and Saints defense looked like utter garbage. The funny thing about this whole weekend was, people making excuses about Cam newton doing so well because of Arizona's D sucking, and vice versa for Kolb, and then I heard Seahawks D sucked and so did the Niners D. Next thing you know, every defense sucks. And thats pretty much it.

Steelers blew their final wad in the Super Bowl 7 months ago with this current team. They have had a fantastic run together winning two Super Bowls and 3 AFC titles. The last 6 years was the best football of my life, but I think we are seeing the effects of the constant abuse and years of play coming around. Unless Big Ben can be a pocket QB consistently to avoid the mistakes and constant hits, he will not last a full 16 games this year and he will continue to make mistakes. I hope I am wrong, but the Ravens game isn't an isolated situation. Steelers have played horrible football from the 2nd half in the AFC title game through Sundays game. And when I say horrible, i mean uncharacteristic horrible with 10 turnovers in 3 games.

I hate reading the second paragraph and I want it not to be true but this man is correct.
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