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Default Re: Steelers fully committed to Gilbert

Originally Posted by Steeldude View Post
if not for the injury gilbert would be on the bench for the next 3+ seasons. it's never good to see a player injured, but this may be good for the steelers. IMO, colon is more of a G than T. if gilbert shows promise then they can move colon to RG next season. now the steelers only need to worry about the one of the tackle spots in 2012.
I don't think this would have been the case at all. They drafted Gilbert because they liked him a lot and they wanted him to be the LT of the future. They cut both of their starting tackles. Had Colon not gone down, I'm pretty sure Gilbert would have been allowed to compete for the LT spot during the season, and would most likely have been the starting LT next season. Now it's even more likely that he'll be the starting LT next season since he'll be getting playing time already.

As far as the whole Colon to G crap goes, I don't see the point of moving a player that is quality at his position to a position that he's never played. Colon is a slightly above average RT. There's no need to move him. And Gilbert would have been at LT next year regardless, so moving Colon would mean that you still need a RT. With Gilbert and Colon at the tackle spots and Pouncey at guard, those positions should be set for at least a few years. What is needed is two guards. I don't think Kemoeatu will survive the salary cap next year. Frankly, I hope he doesn't. If the Steelers can draft a guard in the first 3 rounds that is quality and then sign a competent free agent to take the other guard position, I would be pretty content with the o-line.
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