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Default Re: It's Wednesday... Steelers/Seahawks

Originally Posted by Whodis View Post
I wouldn't say hardly interests me. however, the taste could be washed out with a follow up against a team like the Jets or Chargers. Anything less then domination would be disapointing.

I'm still bitter from Sunday and I feel obligated since I sit with a luchroom full of Rat fans and season ticket holders. Forgetting about this game wasn't much of an option for me.

Not saying I'm not going to watch the game. But if we win, it's still not going to get that ass whopping out of my head. We're playing a weak team in a weak division with a 3rd string caliber quarterback who's missing their best player Eric Berry. If we don't win by domination, I'd be disappointed too. But then again, we always play down to our competition.
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