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Default Re: Should Hines Ward still be in the starting rotation?

Originally Posted by davidtrout View Post
Since when? I honestly don't believe you even watch the Steelers play football. Nothing you post indicates anything more than you just like to argue and slurp Ohio State. You claim to be a Steeler fan, as long as we don't include the players (except the former buckeyes, of course), the coaching staff, or the front office. Everyone else is okay.

Hines is still the best receiver we have. Not every pass play is going to be 50+yds and a TD. Hines is a chain mover and a better redzone threat than anyone else we have, including Heath. The young guys are great fun to watch and should be a dangerous group in the near future, but they still have a lot to learn. Maybe later this season that will change but for now, Hines Ward is still our guy.
I honestly don't think you watch the games if you think Hines can get open quickly. It's not only blatantly obvious watching every game last year, but it's common sense seeing how slow he is. And by getting open, I don't mean him catching a WR screen.

Mike Wallace is the best receiver we have. It isn't even close.

And Sanders could be every bit the possession/blocking receiver Hines is. He could just do everything a lot faster. He's really not going to get the reps he needs to when Ben is running for his life when we go 5 wide.
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