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Default Re: Should Hines Ward still be in the starting rotation?

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
I honestly don't think you watch the games if you think Hines can get open quickly. It's not only blatantly obvious watching every game last year, but it's common sense seeing how slow he is. And by getting open, I don't mean him catching a WR screen.

Mike Wallace is the best receiver we have. It isn't even close.

And Sanders could be every bit the possession/blocking receiver Hines is. He could just do everything a lot faster. He's really not going to get the reps he needs to when Ben is running for his life when we go 5 wide.
I'm not going to make a case for Hines because his career speaks for itself and again you prove that you have no actual knowledge of the game. Unlike you, I don't have to demean other players to make a case for any particular player's effectiveness or value because I can do so with real observations and assessment. I won't waste my time with you, as I've seen others on here do because i don't care enough to try. Even if you are a Steeler fan and not just a troll, which I doubt, you are clearly more concerned with being right than with the good of the team. That not only makes you the worst kind of fan, it makes you dumb.
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