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Default Re: Coach Lebeau scraps CB's 10-12 yd cushion...

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
...atleast for 1 game anyways-

for six years now, i have probably read hundereds of fans, constantly complain, year in and year out, about our CB's playing 10 yards off the line of scrimmage.

during that time we have led the league in defense numerous times including having the #1 pass defense in 08. last year we only gave up 62 yds of rushing per game. also during that span, we have been to the superbowl six times.

off the top of my head, i think lebeau has coached in 6 sb's in the last 30 years. im guessing the only other current coach in the league who can boast that is bill belichick.

good thing is the fans finally got their wish and got to see some man to man press. of course the average fans gameplan doesnt alway work out quite how they draw it up on a napkin.
but you have to add a pass rush to it. the steelers failed to do that sunday. they couldn't even stop the run. with harrison ailing i don't see pressuring the QB improving. unless lebeau sends more rushers.

playing without any fire is usually going to end in a loss. if they decided to give their 10 yard cushions the outcome would have been the same. the steelers did not show up to play.

i want to see what they do at home against the feeble seahawks. if they get smoked again then something is wrong.
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