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Default Re: Coach Lebeau scraps CB's 10-12 yd cushion...

Originally Posted by California-Steel View Post
Well anyone that knows football will know that it is all about personnel. the Steelers don't have the personnel to get pressure with only the front 4. They use a 3-4 scheme where the linebackers are used to get pressure on the QB. We don't have the 4-3 type DE's on the line. We don't have big speed rushers. The Steelers DE's are built to simply take a gap and occupy blockers, then the LB's either make the tackle or rush the QB. Well if you take our 3-4 personnel and try to play it as a 4-3 then you got slow DE trying to rush the passer or small LB's trying to take on huge tackles one on one 4 rushers are used. Not got to win many of those.

The Steelers are only setup to play a pure 3-4 and they need to get pressure with LB's coming free. Not only coming free but they need to confuse the running backs as not to get chipped or picked up.

Now with all that said the Steelers DB's have to play off so that our pressure has time to develop. That means no deep balls and keep it all in front of you. No breaking on ball and not many INT's.

If you play it any other way TE's and RB's will kill you. Just like they did. WR's only accounted for 74 total yards. They were pretty much shutdown all game. But no way can LB's cover good TE's or RB's. Just can't happen.

The Steelers are built to play only one way and they have to stick with that way for now.
I understand all that....You can still get a pass rush or hurries more frequently..
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