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Default Re: Coach Lebeau scraps CB's 10-12 yd cushion...

Some of the answeer to our pass rush, is to get Ziggy Hood and Cameron Heyward on the field. Ziggy has the fastest jump off the ball and the longest arms of any of our Dlinemen. We all missed Aaron Smith, but sometime during those 11 weeks we lived without him last year, Ziggy overtook him and should be the starter at this point. Aaron looked his age this last Sunday, and the run defense got gashed as a result. With Ziggy in there last year, we allowed a league low 62 yards rushing per game.

Hood & Timmons help collapse the middle of the pocket towards opposing QBs, forcing them to seek refuge towards the outsides, where we have Silverback and Woodley waiting.

We have been in awe of our current Dlinemen for nearly a decade, but it looked Sunday like it may be time for the Ziggy Hood and Cameron Heyward era to start. We normally do not expect our 3-4 DEs' to help with pressuring the QB, but if they can...even better.
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