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Default Re: Steelers fully committed to Gilbert

Originally Posted by Wallabeast17 View Post
Gilbert..I'd rather him play and fail.

There are two scenarios:

1. Gilbert plays, maybe not great but learns. Cut Colon and free up money for other FA's.


2. We are stuck with an injury prone tackle and could come back to but us in the future maybe like the playoffs next year (since he is done this year) and then having to rely on Gilbert who we still be trying to lear the position...
Would you rather get rid of Colon and start Gilbert at one tackle and either Scott or a high draft pick rookie at the other tackle, with Kemo still on the line, or have Gilbert and Colon play tackle and draft a guard to replace Kemo instead? You're more likely to get a top flight interior lineman later in the first round than you are a tackle, for one thing. I'd take the latter, personally.
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