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Default Re: Coach Lebeau scraps CB's 10-12 yd cushion...

Originally Posted by Whodis View Post
Since we're sticking up for the LB's and talking about coverage, think maybe they could cover a TE some time this year?
Very true the TE's did kill it in the game. The coverage on the TE's could have been much better indeed, but the only real cover guy I see on the Steelers LB core is Timmons. I say Timmons is the best in coverage becasue he has the speed to play in coverage and can cover ground. Harrison and Woodley and Farrior play good in coverage but only if its probably zone. It was very hard to sit there and watch the Steelers get picked apart like that, but the good news is it was only one game, and I'm sure they will rebound and fix the problems.
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