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Default Re: Week 2 Game Ball

Originally Posted by sharkweek View Post
I thought we had a lack luster day on both the offensive and defensive fronts when it came to passing situations, although the defense definitely started showing up more in the 2nd half in that regard

And even though Ben had a good day on paper, he should have had an excellent day as even though he was a solid 22-30 he did have several passes going too high and seemed to be a little off rhythm

Our running game wasn't bad, but also nothing particularly spectacular.

Special teams was also commendable, although a missed FG (albeit into the troublesome open end of the stadium) and a few punts that resulted in touchbacks could have been better, however for the most part coverage and returns were excellent.

Really, if a game ball goes to anyone it would have to be to one of the WRs

Brown had a good game returning the ball on kicks and made several solid catches for good chunks of yards

Sanders was also in on a handful of big plays including the excellent gadget play where he completed a 15 yard pass with a very good looking throw

Hines didn't have a spectacular day, but he did have an absolutely amazing sideline tip-toe catch

but if I have to give it to just one WR it would have to be Wallace, he not only had the big stats, he also had some of the best plays, the deep ball catch, the fake short and go to the corner of the endzone TD catch, and a few other plays that show he's developing a good rapport with Ben to exploit weaknesses in the defense
comon. Lackluster. How many shutouts does the average team get in a year. They also had at least 5 sacks. I realize the Seahawks did nothing offensively and we weren't spectacular with any really big plays on D. But a shutout against any NFL opponent is an accomplishment. In fact, I don't believe our #1 ranked AFC championship D from a year ago had one all year.

I'm going to go with Wallace. Besides the fact that he had a big day statistically, that finger tip catch just before the ball hit the ground was a thing of beauty. That ball was over his head and he reached out and grabbed the back end of that ball about a foot off the turf. Wallace is turning into the steal of the 2009 draft. I just hope we can afford to sign him.
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