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Default Not so fast

I know I will get flamed for this and ripped up and down but I'm saying it anyway.

A lot of you are going on about how the Steelers are "back to form" and that last week was just a "off day".

I'm here to say that there was nothing impressive at all out there today. The Seahawks are BAD, really bad. They have little in the way of offense and even less in the way of defense.

Mendy and Redman broke some runs today but they got stuffed quite a bit too. Mendy was dancing around in the backfield a lot, looking for a hole that wasn't provided by the O line. The Steelers were inside the 10 twice and came away with 3 points. They continue to struggle near the goal line and have no answers for it.

Ben got beat up again today. I didn't watch last week's game but from what I have heard, Ben was destroyed handily by the Ravens. He goes from one of the best defenses in the league to one of the worst and continues to get pounded. Your $100 million QB should not be taking that abuse. He is one blindside sack away from another concussion or major injury that could end his season or career.

Sure, the D got a shutout but it is Seattle that we are talking about! It is extremely difficult to shut out any NFL teams but it is far from being really impressive. I mean, we're talking about Tavaris Jackson and Golden Tate here! I'll give them props but it was nothing earth shattering.

Receivers looked good today in spite of Ben throwing numerous high balls their way. Wallace's impressive finger tip catch and Ward's tip toe catch were especially impressive. Sanders also had a good game again and Brown was visible.

The whole point is that Seattle is NOT Baltimore. Baltimore is a contender and Seattle is not. If Flacco could carve up the secondary like that, how are they going to stop Brady when he comes to town? He may well set the single game passing record against us! They will also have to face Shaub and a new Matt Hasselbeck, not to mention the Titans' front 7 which will likely be in Ben's grill all day.

The Steelers have MAJOR issues right now and it doesn't look good. Maybe they will find ways to fix them but then again, maybe not. They will have serious problems against contender teams if they can't find ways to correct their shortcomings. The "explosive offense" that was supposed to take pressure off an aging D is not looking very good right now. The O line was a concern all through the off season and it is rearing it's ugly head already just two games in.
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