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Default Re: Not so fast

A lot of you are going on about how the Steelers are "back to form" and that last week was just a "off day"

Really? I'm not going to sift back through every thread, but I don't recall anyone saying that.

I'm here to say that there was nothing impressive at all out there today

Really? Nothing at all? Not a single thing? Shutout? No turnovers? Double time of possession? Crossing midfield only once? No? Natta, zilch, zippo?

The whole point is that Seattle is NOT Baltimore. Baltimore is a contender and Seattle is not.

Well, there's some news.

The Steelers have MAJOR issues right now and it doesn't look good.

What exactly do you want? All they can do is work toward executing their game plan each given week. They did that pretty well today, I thought. You can say it was just Seattle, but Seattle was the only team they played today. What else could they do? Next week is a new team and the only team that matters right now. No matter how hard you may wish it, the Steelers CAN NOT beat the Ravens, or Patriots, or Packers, or Texans, or '85 Bears, or '72 Dolphins this week. So, you're just going to have to wait a while to be impressed.
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