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Default Re: Week 2 Game Ball

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
comon. Lackluster. How many shutouts does the average team get in a year. They also had at least 5 sacks. I realize the Seahawks did nothing offensively and we weren't spectacular with any really big plays on D. But a shutout against any NFL opponent is an accomplishment. In fact, I don't believe our #1 ranked AFC championship D from a year ago had one all year.
You shouldn't have stopped reading at the comma in the first sentence

I never said the entire defense was lack luster, just the defensive front, and I even specified that lack luster performance to the first half on passing plays where Jackson had more time and our defensive front less push than I would have liked. Things changed in the second half which is when our defense finally started piling up sacks, and I admitted that.

Also the best defense is a good offense. Our offense had just as much to do with pitching a shut out as our defense when we consider the Seahawks offense had 17 fewer minutes than our offense to even attempt to put points on the board because our offense was on the field controlling the clock with sustained drives.

with a team as talented as ours it really doesn't take a phenomenal performance from any one player or even unit to win or even dominate a game like we did today. Today's game really was an excellent example of everyone playing not necessarily great, but at least playing well enough that the resulting team effort was excellent.
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