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Originally Posted by davidtrout View Post
What exactly do you want? All they can do is work toward executing their game plan each given week. They did that pretty well today, I thought. You can say it was just Seattle, but Seattle was the only team they played today. What else could they do? Next week is a new team and the only team that matters right now. No matter how hard you may wish it, the Steelers CAN NOT beat the Ravens, or Patriots, or Packers, or Texans, or '85 Bears, or '72 Dolphins this week. So, you're just going to have to wait a while to be impressed.
well said, mr trout.

i think some people are hoping for, or waiting for a single win that will erase the horrible pain and humiliation they feel from losing last week to the ravens.

but theres not a single game that can do that, and mike tomlin acknowledged as much in his post game presser.

ultimately we're fans of a team where the superbowl is the standard. we could go undefeated for the rest of the regular season and it wouldnt mean jack squat towards erasing the week one loss, if we didnt win it all.
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