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Default Re: Not so fast

I don't think the Steelers are "back to form" just yet, but they played pretty well and got back to winning. We should beat the Manningless Colts and back to back wins against any team will give you confidence. As far as saying that there was nothing impressive, there was, it's just not deemed impressive because it's against the Seahawks. Anytime you shut out an NFL team that's impressive, Lynch is a good RB and he had no success today, and the offense played pretty well. 22/30, 298 yards, a touchdown and no picks, that's pretty good passing. Mendenhall and Redman played well. Overall, I'm still worried about our O line a lot, Foster had a great block and it seemed like they are getting better run blocking, but the pass blocking is still horrible. The only reason we weren't getting hurried and sacked more is because Seattle isn't that good, if that was the Jets or Ravens Ben would have been running a lot more. It's possible that the line will improve the more they play, and Gilbert played well, the more he plays he might turn into a solid point on the line like Pouncey is now. Another thing I'm still worried about is the lack of pass rush. Polamalu looks to have his timing back, Gay played pretty well and Taylor has been playing well so far, if we can get some pass rush from our heavily payed outside backers that are known for getting pass rush, then we will play much better against passing teams. It still didn't seem like the team was playing with any passion/intesnsity, even the announcers mentioned that. I know it's hard to get pumped up for the Seahawks, but this team has to get back to playing "pumped up" football where everyone is flying around cracking heads and making plays. All that said, I'm pretty happy about today's game. We missed a few opportunities but overall we handled the game the way we should and made progress.
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