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Default Re: Wk. 2- The good, the bad, & the ugly

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
the good-
ben roethlisburger- despite the announcers constantly harping on his high throws (as if he was having a horrible game) he finished 22-30 for a tang hair under 300 yds.

mike wallace
hines ward- crushing linebackers on run plays and that sideline catch show why he isnt yet relegated to the bench. one of our most heady and reliable players.
emmanuel sanders and antonio brown- these guys would probably easilly be starters on the colts, replacing the likes of pierre garcon or anthony gonzalez, where they wouldnt be asked to do nothing more than run fast and catch the ball. unfortunately we arent the colts and we have a run game. their time will come. int the meantime their return skills are starting to look exceptional.

(and heath and rashard who had a few combined receptions as well)

all in all the ball catchers hands were glue.

19 rushes by mendenhall and a more ballanced attack called by arians (although there is a sack or 2 and 5 rushing attempts not counted as pass plays).

shutout and 5 sacks ;by the defense goes w/o saying, but im saying it cause it was good.

the bad-

ben getting beat up.

heath miller with only 1 rec and i think just targeted twice.

suisham missing an easy 41 yarder with absolutely no wind. theres gonna come a time where a 41 yard fg is the difference of a win or loss, or we need a critical kick to win a game. lets hope he got it out of his system in a game where points werent a premium.

the announcers apologizing for his miss talking how hard it is to kick into the open endzone as if there were wind that might have missed his kick. he flat out missed.

the ugly-

red zone and especially goaline offense. ben can sneak the ball. have we EVER let rashard try a dive play? the slow developing shit with a foot to go, has got to be tossed out the window.

ben actually being called a drama queen because he had the audacity to show physical evidence of pain, on a play that knocked the qb queen, tom brady, out for the season.

refs will not throw a flag in bens favor unless their jobs are on the line for blatant neglect of the rules. roger goodell (who is currently at the concussed mike vicks bedside) probably cursed when he saw ben re-enter the game.

I agree with everything you said Tony. I was watching NFL network showing the replay of the hit on Ben and Jamie Dukes said and I quote "I wouldn't have thrown the flag". Honest to God I mean I know he is a dumbass to the 10th degree but that comment sets a new record for stupidity!!!
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