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Default Wallace starting a nice run?

Nice article on post gazette website today:

Some nice stats on Wallace (and Ward!) - Can you imagine a Steeler receiver breaking the single season receiving yards record? Not sure he'll be able to keep up his pace of the past 2 games but my guess he is at least going to top 1500 yards.

The front office is probably hoping he doesn't break any records for the sake of next year's salary cap! Anyhow if Wallace even just ends up having most yards this season I'm sure he'll be asking for top 5 WR money. To me - it is too early to tell what he his worth but if someone forced the decision on me - I'd drop Smith, Foote (maybe Diesel too) to get him his money. If we win #7 this year - I hope Ward does the FO a favor and hangs it up and goes out in style. I'm thinking either Hines or Farrior could go no matter what. Numbers not adding up to keep five all five of these guys. I see at least 3 going.

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