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Default Re: Wallace starting a nice run?

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
Doesn't do much good to speculate (fun to discuss anywho) but season will probably pan out it one of the following ways:

1A. We take care of @Colts, @Texans, Titans, Jacksonville, possibly lose @Arizona (win against Tenn. might go long way in tie-breaker with Ravens)/New England has their way with us again or beats us in a close one/We get revenge against Bmore and win @Cincy for nice wins going into the bye at 7-3 with slight edge in the division
1B. Second half of the season comes along and we go on a great run but drop some dumb away game @Kansas, @San Fran, or @Cleveland . We go 12-4, get the #2 seed yet again, win the divisional game(not against the Ravens for once) BUT finally have to meet with the #1 seed Pats @ New England and we get severely beaten because lord knows we can't beat Brady in the AFC championship game

2A. We don't lose again before bye. We go into beast mode and take care of all games, including Patriots and Ravens back to back. We are sitting atop AFC at 9-1 with a tiebreaker win over New England
2B. We win every game except some dumb away game and finish at 14-2 and hold the tiebreaker over the Pats(also 14-2) for #1 seed. HOWEVER - Brady comes into Heinz again and completely embarrasses us in revenge of the regular season loss (ala 2004) or we shoot ourselves in foot with turnovers

3A. We only lose to New England and are sitting at 8-2 with #2 seed. We only lose one game the rest of the way in the 2nd half and are at 13-3. We face the Jets, Chargers or some surprise team like the Texans or Titans. For some reason I don't see us facing the Ravens again. We go into New England and SHOCK THE WORLD. We win on great defensive play by Troy or some insane scramble by Ben at the goal line. We meet the Packers again and win #7 convincingly. Ben gets Super Bowl MVP and HOF shoe-in. All is right in the world and guys like Ward, Farrior, Smith, Foote, and Kiesel go out in style. OR

4B. None of this happens. We crap the bed and either barely make or miss the playoffs, lose in the wildcard or divisional and guys retire without another ring and we go into retooling mode (ugh).

Even if we win #7 I'm going to have a hard time moving on from some of our leaders of the past 10 years or so. I try to remember how special it was that this group has at least won 2 Super Bowls together. I am really aching to see them seal the deal with a 3rd ring and I think it would rank their potential modern dynasty higher than the Patriots (I'm biased I know) just because of how the Steelers have been able to some extent buck the salary cap era and keep a huge corp of guys together (like the old days). We have won in more unconventional ways which I think sets this team apart. This group would have won it all thrice with A. average to below average offensive line(to put it nicely) B. Unorthodox QB (not a pocket passer like the Bradys/Mannings/Brees/Rodgers) C. 1 good tight end and YOUNG receivers outside of Hines D. Middle of the road running game E. A dominating defense in a time when the league was shifting to be a quick strike offensive game
dude i am TOTALLY keeping this post all year. I want to see which one of these comes true! Hopefully 3A!!

i woulda added 3B. (Steelers dont loose any more games from now on. Go into playoffs w #1 seed, and win out and beat the pack in the SB, and then everyone can retire happy as can be!!)
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