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Default Re: Wk. 2- The good, the bad, & the ugly


1) Pitching a shutout, no matter who it is against, is sweeeeeeettt. Especially for a defensive unit that took a BEATING in the press after the week 1 debacle in Baltimore.

2) Seeing a healthy rotation of Redman and Mendy. Really nice one-two punch.

3) Marcus Gilbert played well and gives us some hope for the future of our Oline.


1) The knee hits on Ben. I thought that first one was our season swirling down the drain. But after finding out Ben was fine, that was some FUNNY AZZ rag doll physics when he went down-- arms outstretched in a "Y", and crumpled to the ground in slow motion. I wish Madden NFL had rag doll physics that hilarious-- instead all I get is my guys walking off the field holding his arm when it says he hurt his chest LOL!

2) Our red zone woes are back (not sure if they ever left).


1) Seattle has not scored a single point against us since 3rd quarter of SB XL.

2) The Ravens forgot they had to prepare for the other 30 teams in the NFL and got brought back down to earth by a mediocre Titans team. Flacco was back to just plain old Joe Sack-o and Ray Lewis's age showed in that loss. The score of that week 1 game means nothing now, 1-1 is 1-1.
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