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Default Re: Should Hines Ward still be in the starting rotation?

Originally Posted by davidtrout View Post
Hines does many things that win football games. Contrary to what some seem to believe, that is the reason Brown and Sanders have yet to beat him out for the starting position. There is more to the position than just running fast and catching the ball when it's thrown to you. A whole lot more.
sterling sharpe echoed as much tonight on total access when he said mike wallace was the 3rd year receiver most likely to have the break out year, thrusting him into superstardom. he attributed his current success to the veteran leadership and mentorship of ward, noting how none of the other 3rd year wr's have that and cited how important it was to his own shortened career. he then intimated that there is much more to just running fast and catching the ball.

but i guess we all should just ignore someone who has actually been there and done that, because some internet jockey on SF (who most likely couldnt even label a route tree) says theyre wrong.
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