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Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
If the Steelers had drafted 4 more linemen in early rounds than they have in recent years, then there would be a lot more players that they wouldn't have now, like Hood, Mendenhall, Timmons, Woodley, Sanders, or Wallace. Of course, it would have been nice if they had clairvoyance and realized that Limas Sweed was never going to put it all together, but taking Sweed where they did at the time was the right move. Shit happens.
Good post.
Where we draft almost every year, we're not going to get a shot at too many stud linemen. You're not always going to have a player like Pouncey fall to you.

Some people act like Pouncey is the only lineman they've drafted in the past 10 years, like they're not even making an effort. As I jokingly said in another thread ... maybe we should tank a few seasons so we can draft some top linemen.
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