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Default Re: offender fined for low hit on big bens knee

Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
It's interesting that Brock's forward motion after his knee hits the ground accelerates more rapidly toward Ben's legs. His arms also aim to wrap rather than to brace his body for the fall.
Of course he intended to tackle Ben; tackling a QB though, isn't illegal. Did he intend to tackle Ben at his knees? No, he was tripped.

This is enough evidence to suggest intent, regardless of whether or not he was tripped (which he was).
His intent was to tackle, period. He was tripped into Ben's knees. But, he didn't intend to tackle Ben at his knees.

The contact could have been avoided, and the hit merits the discipline he received, as would have Harrison or Woodley or any other Steeler that did the same thing.
And I'm sure the mood would differ around here in such case.
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