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Default Re: offender fined for low hit on big bens knee

Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
It's interesting that Brock's forward motion after his knee hits the ground accelerates more rapidly toward Ben's legs. His arms also aim to wrap rather than to brace his body for the fall. This is enough evidence to suggest intent, regardless of whether or not he was tripped (which he was). The contact could have been avoided, and the hit merits the discipline he received, as would have Harrison or Woodley or any other Steeler that did the same thing.
Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
brock actually lunged into ben if you look at this gif, didn't wrap in order to drive his shoulder into the knee as much as possible. this was an attempt to injure. dirty ass play.
So if a player is running as hard as he can trying to make a tackle, and he gets tripped and is falling, he's supposed to just fall down and not try to make a play?

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
this was an attempt to injure.
Come on, FA, do you honestly believe that? Had he not been tripped, do you think he still would have went for Ben's knees because he had a free shot at him? I seriously doubt it. And in the split second it took from the time he got tripped to the time he hit Ben, I don't think he thought to himself, "Hell, since I got tripped and I'm going to the ground, I might as well try to injure Roethlisberger and take him out of the game."
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